Prefabricated Steel Building Contractors? Yup.
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What makes Capital Steel the best company in the industry?

July 21, 2014

Choosing a steel building contractor and company can be a tricky business. After all, you are purchasing a good and a service from this company and you want to be certain that you are going to get the best of both of these aspects with the company you choose. It can be very unnerving going into a project without the confidence that you would hope for in the contractor and industry that you are working with. Indeed, you should not go into a project if you are uncertain that you can really trust these people to give you the highest quality of service. Do not wait until you are midway through a project to get cold feet and back out. Choose the right company from the start and choose Capital Steel industries. Why should you choose capital steel over the others? There are a few great reasons why you should select Capital Steel and a few very impressive ways that they have truly set themselves apart from the others.

First, Capital Steel Industries as a company works to provide their customers truly with only the highest quality of product possible. They do not want you to be unhappy with the service that you get and therefore work to provide you with the very best. This is in everything from the building itself to the contractors that they provide you with. They settle for nothing less than the very best at capital steel because they know that you, the customer, deserve nothing less.

Second, Capital Steel functions across the country through their certified network of dealers. They know that not everyone lives in Littleton, Colorado, and while they will certainly create and send you a prefabricated steel building from their headquarters, they will also set you up with a local dealer to make the work easier for all of you. Working with a local dealer not only helps to stimulate your local economy, but allows you to work with someone who knows your area really well and can make your project that much better. Plus, every contractor across the country is supported by a team of project managers out of the headquarters in Littleton, so you know that no matter who you work with, you will get the kind of quality that Capital Steel can guarantee.

Capital Steel’s contractors are truly the best in the metal building industry. They go through a thorough and complete interview and qualification process in order to bear the name of Capital Steel. Capital Steel has a reputation to uphold, and when they certify a contractor, they want to know that they will continue to uphold that name. That is why they must be not only experienced contractors, but also professional and punctual as well. Best of all, they work in a way that is cost efficient and thorough, so you know that you are getting the very best deal.

Do not settle for less than you are worth. Choose Capital Steel Industries for you metal building needs.

Choosing General Steels for Logistic Needs

June 29, 2014


Companies such as General Steel can go a long way in helping you to see exactly what your options might be in creating one of these buildings, so be sure and ask questions when you need a storage building. The many different options out there for storing your vehicles might not work out on your property, and it might be time to have a steel building created. These buildings are incredibly durable and should allow for a good deal of use over many years, so do not worry too much about the investment being worth what you pay. In no time at all the building will pay for itself in just a few short years, your equipment should be well protected and also able to withstand the elements.

There is a huge demand out there for these buildings in certain industries, and if you should need one then just go ahead and inquire as to its availability. Some companies are booked for months in advance, so do not be surprised if this is the type of response you get after an inquiry. In no time at all you should be able to tell exactly what sort of a situation you are looking at for your storage needs. In some cases there might be some difficulty in setting up an appointment immediately, so be prepared for this. Taking the time to figure out what you need to do in order to store your vehicles safely in your particular area is going to be vital when moving forward.

If you need a building for industrial applications, then one built out of steel might be just the one for you, and companies such as General Steel know just how to do right by you. They can create a number of different buildings made out of steel that will suit many different industrial applications. Such endeavors are not uncommon these days, and moving forward is something that these companies can do very quickly. Creating an effective means of housing your industrial functions might seem like a huge challenge at first, but in no time at all these buildings can be created at a low cost. The fact that these buildings are made of steel adds a great deal to their overall sustainability and durability.

There is no reason that just about anyone out there who needs one of these buildings cannot have one erected, so take the time to create what you need to in order to move forward with your project. In no time at all there should be the chance to have one of these buildings created even on the smallest budget. Taking the time to see if you qualify for financing will help a great deal in seeing whether or not you can have the building created on your time table. The chance to have your industrial operation housed in such a large building for a low cost is a great opportunity, so do not pass up on it if at all possible. There will always be an opportunity for financing, depending on your situation.

What Makes Metal Buildings Popular

June 28, 2014

There are many advantages that steel buildings can offer that make them popular choices in the construction industry. These include cost-efficiency, strength, and durability, which are comparable to those of constructing traditional buildings.

Steel buildings can also be used for different purposes and serves both commercial and residential structures. It is common to see garages usually made from steel materials. It is also common among homeowners who are interested in gardening to have steel-framed garden sheds. In the commercial sector, steel built structures are also very widespread. There are gymnasiums, churches, schools, sports arenas, warehouses, airplane hangars, and retail infrastructures that are constructed using steel building materials.

Why are metal buildings gaining more popularity compared to the traditional buildings? First, these types of buildings are easy to set up and quick to work with, which means that you can have a building in less time compared to when you are using the traditional methods and materials. There are dealers and construction companies that provide steel buildings using pre-engineered structures. These materials can be sent to the construction site where the building is intended to be erected for immediate assembly.

Second, panels used for building these steel structures are very flexible and adjustable. Depending on the design, the panels can be changed to fit the different size requirements. This versatile feature also allows the expansion of infrastructures to be easier compared to the expensive process of developing traditionally-constructed buildings.

Since these structures are made of steel, they can withstand adverse weather conditions such as earthquakes, rainstorms, hurricanes, and snow. Also, unlike wooden materials, they are resistant to the harmful effects of termites. Steel built infrastructures are also less prone to rotting, splitting, and cracks.

These steel buildings are also cost-effective and environment-friendly. While using steel materials may not be exactly cheap, the costs of building these structures come at a lower price compared to traditional buildings. Compared to using wooden materials, the risk of catching fire is reduced and it is easier to maintain. Of note is the benefit that metal built structures have on the environment. These include lesser trees being cut to provide wood for buildings. Plus, steel frames can be recycled so that construction companies no longer need to cut more trees to provide for expansions or remodeling.

Many buildings made from metal materials are not just tough, but also maintenance-free. If premium grade steel is used and each of the panels is connected tightly, then the metal building constructed can provide a secure and safe interior environment. In addition, it is easy to create proper insulation and energy efficient systems with steel built structures.

There are many construction companies that are able to provide these services. One of these companies is Anthem Steel, which is a company that provides a 50-year structural warranty with every building they construct. Compared to traditional construction methods, the steel building company makes use of simple, bolt-together premium-grade steel materials that makes it easier and faster to build a variety of structures. Metal buildings by Anthem Steel are designed to be stronger and more durable than traditionally built structures.

Anthem Steel

1075 South Yukon Street

Lakewood, CO


Use A Metal Building For Anything You Want

June 27, 2014

There are all kinds of common objects that are used for a lot of different things, but they go unnoticed and are under-appreciated. Imagine what would happen if we never discovered iron to make steel with. There would be no structural steel construction of any kind and using anything else would be too heavy. \Wooden construction and a lot of columns would have to be used all the time. There are large, arched wooden beams that you can have made that are structurally sound up to maybe 50 or 60 feet, but anything wider than that exists only because of steel. Metal buildings are used for all kinds of things, more than you know. We’ve all been inside metal buildings many times in our lives, but it was most likely not a very memorable experience. It’s not memorable because there’s nothing really special about it, a lot of strip malls and offices you’ve been in are located inside metal building structures and they have exteriors made using different materials. A lot of the buildings that you frequent are inside a metal building and you just don’t know it because the outside is brick and there are windows that wrap around the entire thing. These kinds of buildings can be built to whatever specifications that you require, and they can be used for virtually anything. Pretty much every airplane hangar you’ve ever seen is a prefabricated metal building, they just have huge sliding doors to get them in and out. Think about how big some of these aircraft are and how big the buildings must be that house and repair them. What do you think those buildings are made out of? It isn’t wood I can tell you that much.

Many restaurants, medical and dental offices, recreational centers, schools, gymnasiums, pools, indoor riding arenas and skate parks are under the roof of a metal building. The interior space can be designed in whatever way you see fit, you can utilize the space for product and stack it from the floor to the ceiling or you can use it for some creative decorations in a restaurant. I’ve been to a St. Louis style rib joint that was inside of a steel building, it was the kind of place with buckets of peanuts everywhere and you were expected to discard the shells on the floor. Anyway, in the space right above the main dining area they suspended a full-size replica of the Spirit of St. Louis airplane, it was absolutely awesome. A lot of call centers and office spaces are inside big steel buildings whether you know it or not. The high ceilings in a lot of these buildings aren’t usually a big problem when you want an open floor space design, but for closer quarters, you can always install a ceiling grid. The heating and cooling costs aren’t bad either, because steel reflects heat from the sun and it’s good at retaining heat during the winter, regardless of whether you install a ceiling grid or not.

Planning to Build a Home? Go for Residential Steel Buildings

June 27, 2014

Steel, as a construction material, has often been associated with skyscrapers, barns, and some modern churches. But not many people have ever thought of steel as the primary building material for a home.

Some people even have doubtful thoughts on the livability of residential steel buildings. But advancements in design and architecture have made steel homes just as comfortable as traditional residences. There are many good reasons why homeowners and those want to become homeowners should choose steel and metal buildings.

Cheaper, stable pricing

The price of lumber is constantly increasing because of the steady demand and the dwindling supply (it takes several years for trees to be sufficiently replenished). The price of steel, meanwhile, continues to be stable.

In the past, average homeowners could not afford steel residential buildings. This is the reason why steelwork is not yet a very popular home building choice. But advancement in manufacture and recycling techniques has brought pricing down significantly. Any steel product is made from at least 25% recycled material, which is very helpful to the environment.

More durable, minimal maintenance required

80% of commercial buildings today are made with steel as the primary material. Aside from being cost-efficient, steel is also highly durable and requires minimal maintenance. It resists corrosion and decay more than any building material. It can resist twisting, splitting, or warping over a longer period of time.

Unlike wood that requires treatment, steelwork only has to be properly coated before installation. This saves homeowners repetitive costs for treatment. More importantly, they do not have to be exposed to harmful chemicals present in most treatment solutions.

Flexible and fire resistant

Steelwork is significantly more flexible than wood and concrete. It can resist calamities like hurricanes, earthquakes, and flood. It can also reduce the risk of fire and prevents its spread because of its non-combustibility.

Aesthetically appealing

Many people think that homes made from steelwork are dull and unattractive. But steel residential buildings are so prevalent that they might not know that some “traditional-looking” homes in their neighborhood are made from steelwork.

Steel is highly malleable that there is almost no limit to the design that is can be molded to. With some architectural details and good finishing, one could not tell the difference between steel and traditional homes just by looking.

Shorter construction period

Shortened construction time drastically reduces cost and the disturbance it causes on the building site. Steel homes are significantly faster to build because its materials can be prefabricated in a separate site and be brought later on to the construction area.

Another factor that reduces construction time is the consistency of steel. It can be molded to specifically fit certain parts of a home while wood has to be cut and trimmed ever too often. It is easy to see why only 2% of scrap is derived from steel while wood produces 20% scrap materials.

Steel is an excellent choice for homeowners who want to build a cost-efficient and low maintenance home. Anthem Steel is one of the fastest growing steel building companies in the United States. Technologies that enhance residential steel buildings continue to develop. It is very likely that majority of homes in the future will be made from beautiful steelwork.

Anthem Steel

1075 South Yukon Street

Lakewood, CO


The largest steel building I have ever seen.

June 10, 2014

The rodeo in my hometown was always the largest attraction each year.  There was bronco riding, bull riding, barrel riding, mutton busting, and a variety of other events every year.  We even had clowns (I can remember one of them being injured pretty badly one year).  When I was in high school, we always used to go down each afternoon the rodeo was going on and watch everybody.  One of the kids that I played high school football with was an excellent bull rider.  He used to compete in all of the major events in our part of the country.  He would travel to multiple states, and I remember him winning pretty frequently.  As with most things in life, the reason he became so good was that he practiced all of the time.  His family was pretty wealthy, and they had constructed the largest steel building I have ever seen in my life for him to practice in.

Within the building, they had numerous mini-arenas set up for all sorts of different events.  My friend’s mother use to teach other people how to do certain rodeo events.  She trained many individuals how to barrel ride, and people would travel to their building to practice throughout the year.  This is where my friend practiced his bull riding.  The size of the building is hard to describe.  It was several football fields long, and about a half a football field wild.  When you were driving up the county road that led to it, you could see it clearly from about 10 miles away.  It looked like more a professional sports arena than somebody’s private residence.

The prefabricated metal building that they had constructed must have cost a pretty penny, but money wasn’t something that they talked about.  They were highly competitive people (I remember this kid getting into several fights and skirmishes during football practice each day).  He always seemed a little off, but I guess you have to be if you want to be a professional bull rider.  You would not catch me dead riding a bull.  If you have never been to a rodeo in person, you won’t quite understand just how intimidating and scary a bull is.  They weigh over a thousand pounds, they are fast, and when someone is on their back, they are not the happiest creature on the planet.

Steel buildings are commonplace in the country, but their steel building really stood out because of its size and the quality of it.  It was a common talking point amongst my friends when we were growing up.  The other kids from my town that did the rodeo circuit throughout the summer used to go and practice with him as well.  They always talked about how incredibly nice and large the building was.  They had all sorts of equipment in there as well, so you didn’t have to make makeshift rodeo supplies.  They had dozens of saddles, barrels, and animals so everyone could practice.  I will never forget that building.  It still stands today.

Choosing General Steel Makes All the Difference

June 7, 2014

If you are looking for a storage solution that is going to deliver for a very long time, then you should consider the use of a steel building, such as those created by General Steel. By taking the time to go ahead and figure out how you want to have these buildings created might necessitate some financing, so be sure to have a look at what is right for you. Figuring out what you want to do with regard to the number of items you want to store is really important, do not go into the process without having a clear idea of what you are trying to accomplish. In no time at all you should have a good idea of what you need to have built, and what it will cost.

The right way to budget for these buildings does involve some research on your part, so do not hesitate to see exactly what sort of things are necessary for your specific build. The chance to create one of these buildings can be yours for a very reasonable price, in addition to the time invested on the whole amount of time being spent on the creation of the building. Creating a more effective building might take you some time as opposed to just handing the reigns over to the company. Take over as many of these responsibilities as you can, because otherwise you might end up running into some trouble going forward. Sometimes you need to both pay for and supervise projects like this.

For those who’ve searched far and wide for a good contractor to assemble steel buildings, the answer may be right under their noses. For instance, the company that supplied the General Steel might have worked qualified contractors in the past.

As protocol, these prefab building suppliers will usually ask new customers whether they need help sourcing a contractor to begin with. The contractors that are recommended also reflect on the company who is making the suggestion, and therefore as another standard procedure, these companies will usually test and retest before keeping third party contractors or their personal directory list.

How can they know which contractors are best in the city and best for the job? The answer can be found with their sources, the customer, which is you. Following the entire agreement, customers will usually supply feedback voluntarily just to show their satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the contractor. Otherwise, if they’re uncomfortable expressing this verbally, there are many outlets online to vent or give a thumbs up to working contractors, both on social media and on consumer websites. Next time you need help with steel building kits, find a contractor, right at your dealer. They may be able to get you a professional the very same day.

How Do I Go Back to Simplicity?

June 6, 2014

Prefabricated kits aren’t only popular with furniture stores like IKEA. The idea has transcended to just about everything you can think of including steel buildings. General Steel is precut into beams that can be hinged together in a matter of days, making it super convenient to setup a shop, garage and even a place of business — very shortly, no matter how long you worked on the idea.

As an example, if you think back into the olden days, it usually took months, sometimes even years to build construction sites into completion. These days, an entire city can be built within that time frame. For instance, you may have driven past an empty land space just days ago, only to blink and see a massive structure. Then you wondered… is something wrong with your memory? Not really.

These are prefabricated kits being made and brought to the development sites. All the hard work of measuring have already been done. The only remaining job to do is to piece the assemblies together, and apply the finishing touches. Sometimes even appliances, lighting and other accessories are already installed in the prefab kits. The most beneficial aspect is that less time is required for construction, along with a lesser amount of manual labor.

Many churches across the nation are now using steel buildings as opposed to the conventional brick and concrete structures. This is because the times it would take to erect the structure in general , is much less, and the cost is far less.

And for parties who are worried about the durability of metal buildings, the product can last for a good fifty to one hundred years, with warranties that can back this claim. Spaces don’t have to be extra small either, as there are extra large kits that can be implemented quickly that cover thousands of square feet. So for leaders who are thinking of the future, the building can adjust to accommodate a growing population.

Studies show that churches and many religions are popular customers among General Steel suppliers. Also in recent years, many expansion kits have been ordered, which points to the companies being thrilled with the space. This may be because metal structures are just like any other space in terms of comfort and style. The major difference is cost conservation, and the lapse in time to put the entire unit together, which is normally just a few days in when it comes to precut and ready to be assemble steel.

General Steel is the Company For You

As you begin to look through your options, you will notice that GS is one of the top vendors for premade buildings and they put all their integrity and skillset into establishing their vendor as the top-rated one for years to come. While they are not a new company, they are definitely a reliable and updated company who uses modern day marketing and building techniques to perfect their brand. You can be a part of the revolution by getting one of their steel made buildings today.

Why a Steel Building is a Good Idea

May 31, 2014


When was the last time you actively engaged yourself in a construction project?  Or otherwise, when was the last time you saw a large group of people on a construction site?  I remember on my daily commute to work, I would always see residential and commercial construction zones.  Each and every day, I saw that these crews would take a lot of time when getting their work done.  I mentioned this to my coworker, and he made the comment that they should have worked to get a number of steel buildings from General Steel.  I inquired further, and began to notice all of the benefits of utilizing pre-engineered steel buildings for almost any and all construction projects.  My coworker went on to explain many of the benefits of working with General Steel.

First, he mentioned that General Steel was one of the most experienced providers of pre-engineered steel buildings not only in the country, but on an international level as well!  They’ve worked on tons of domestic projects, all which range from working with NASA, and have also worked with the White House on two separate occasions!  With credentials like these, he mentioned, there is almost no reason not to choose the good people at General Steel.  For the past two decades, General Steel has been able to provide their customers with the most attentive and personalized customer service, all while providing a high quality product that meets all of the customer’s needs.

Another benefit from working with General Steel is that their metal buildings are extremely easy to order and construct.  When talking to a customer service representative, all you need to do is provide some basic information about the building or expansion you will need, and they will be able to easily find what they have on hand that will suit your needs.  Once you are given a quote, you can lock down that price for an entire 90 days, which is an unprecedented amount of time to have for a company like General Steel!  This only makes the process of ordering your pre-engineered steel building so much easier than having to constantly go back and forth between companies, as General Steel always provides the best prices, thanks to their nationally recognized buying power.

Once you receive your building, there are a few options you have.  My coworker told me that you always have the option to construct the building yourself, as General Steel will also provide you with a steel building kit, which will include materials, instructions, and a list of resources from General Steel themselves.  If you have enough experience between you and your construction crew, there is no problem with erecting the building.  If you’re new to building construction, don’t worry, as there are plenty of local contractors that are verified and endorsed by the good folk at General Steel, so you’ll always have someone on hand to help you out.  This are only a few of the benefits you have when you go with the option of a steel building, and I’m extremely glad I took the time to listen to my coworker explain how amazing General Steel is!

General Steel provides materials for many different types of structures.

May 28, 2014

They say that moving is one of the greatest causes of stress in a person’s life. Supposedly it is right up there with the loss of a spouse or the loss of a child. I am not sure if it is that extreme, but I do know that moving can really suck. I recently relocated to a new city for my job and was in the position to buy a house in my new place of residence. While I was looking for a home to buy I was living in an apartment that allowed me to sign a month to month lease. This way there was no pressure for me to find a home to buy in terms of needing to find something before a certain date. I found myself in the ideal situation being able to take my time to find the perfect place for me.

Shortly after my relocation, I hired a realtor to help me find my dream home. I figured that this would help to shorten the process and take much of the moving stress off of me while I was working full time in a new city. Apparently me realtor and I had different ideas of what my dream home would be. She continued to show me homes that had plenty of beauty and character, but we in need of many repairs. I was looking for something that was ready for me to move in and that I wouldn’t have to put a lot of time and energy in to right off the bat. One of the homes that my realtor showed me had a giant hole in the bathroom floor and would require the entire plumbing system to be replaced! I couldn’t move in to a place where I wouldn’t be guaranteed a hot shower in the morning on my first day living there.

Eventually my realtor showed me a place that was built by General Steel. The structure was beautifully maintained and looked as if it may last for one thousand more years. I was so relieved to finally find place that was suitable for my needs that I didn’t even look at the price tag. After the initial excitement I realized that I wouldn’t be able to afford that place, but at least we were on the right track. I told my realtor to look for more homes that had been built by General Steel. Within a couple of weeks, she had found me the perfect place.

My new home was strong and beautiful and everything that I had imagined. It had been built by General Steel nearly ten years ago, but required very few repairs upon moving in.  Everything was in working order and I was absolutely in love with my new home. The moving process had definitely been stressful, but it was worth it once I found the perfect place. I have lived in my home now for two years and have yet to acquire any major maintenance issues. I am very happy with my new home.